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Assignments are all out, so be sure and check your spam folders if you haven't received an email.

And thanks, everybody, for the helpful responses to my request yesterday!
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If you're willing to write or receive additional characters and/or pairings besides the ones you put in your sign up, would you drop me a note in the comments with details, pretty please? I've got a couple of assignments that're making it tricky to find someone to match with.

Thanks! :)
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I'm having a few technical difficulties with getting assignments out--they'll be sent by tomorrow.
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Just a reminder that sign ups for the next round of the primevalathon fic exchange are open, and close on 14 August, five days from now. Stories are due on 31 October.

More information here:

livejournal :: dreamwidth :: insanejournal
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Sign ups are now open. Nothing has changed since the last time we ran it, so rather than repeat all the stuff I usually post, I'm just going to link to the posts I've made previously :) Please make sure that you read it all before you sign up. Thank you!

FAQs etc

Guide to the Primevalathon.
Character and Pairing Guide

Points to remember when signing up

Matching is done primarily on the basis of the pairings you've picked. We try and match on as many pairings as possible, to give all authors as wide a range to choose from as possible, but it's not always possible to have more than one match.

Once you've signed up, a copy of your sign up is e-mailed to you. Please check this carefully. You can go back and resubmit your sign up, making any changes you want to, up until the deadline so please make sure not only that you're happy with your selection, but that it's clear for your author and doesn't include contradictory information. Things to look out for on the 'contradictory' front are:

  • selecting more than one pairing, but only providing prompts for one pairing. If you select Abby/Connor and Claudia/Nick as your pairings, you could be matched with someone who's offered to write Abby/Connor or Claudia/Nick or both. So if all three of your prompts are about Claudia/Nick falling in luuurve, and you've been matched with someone who has only offered to write Abby/Connor, it's going to be a bit difficult for them :)

  • using your prompts to ask for pairings or genres you haven't selected, for example 'I'd like a femslash story' when you've not selected any femslash pairings, or 'I'd love a Nick and Stephen fall in love story' when you haven't selected that pairing.

  • ticking the same thing under 'want in my story' and 'do not want in my story'. That's just plain confusing :) Also, we give you the option of choosing whether or not you want fanon OCs in your story, and if you do, which particular fanon OCs, so if you tick yes there but then say later on that you don't want fanon OCs in your story (or vice versa), then it's going to be even more confusing for your poor bewildered author.
Don't forget that you can also use the free text box in the end to give your author more information if you think anything's not clear, or even to say nice things to them.

Key Dates for this round

Sign Ups Open: 1 August 2010
Sign Ups Close: 14 August 2010
Assignments Sent Out: by 21 August 2010
Last date for dropping out without penalty: 14 October 2010
Due Date for stories: 31 October 2010

Please make a note of these dates. 'I forgot' is not really a good excuse for not delivering and disappointing your recipient.

Sign Ups

The sign up form can be found here.

Questions? Comments?

Please comment here or feel free to PM us through livejournal's messaging system.

We'll be posting sign up posts for betas and pinch hitters at later dates.
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Thank you to everyone who filled out the poll on both LJ and Dreamwidth. It's been open a couple of weeks now so I think everyone has had a chance to express their views.

The general consensus seems to be that two months is about right, although a few people would like a little longer. We tend to open sign ups in the middle of a month so we've come up with a compromise that hopefully will also make dates a little more memorable.

- sign ups will open on the 1st of August (and the first of Feb for the Spring round)

- sign ups will close on the 14th of August (14th Feb)

- assignments will be out by the 21st at the latest bar unforeseen circumstances

- stories are still due  by the 31st of October (30th April).

As well as making these dates a little more memorable ::g:: this will also give you at least a week's additional writing time and gives us a week to deal with any issues with sign ups, for example putting out a plea for writers to volunteer for requests where there is no match.

So, we hope to see you in five weeks or so :). However, if this timing is not good for you, for example you're off sunning yourself somewhere, please don't hesitate to contact Aithine or me.  If needs be, you can always leave your sign up information with us before you go.
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We would normally open up the sign ups for the next ficathon in mid-August, with a view to assigning stories by the beginning of September and due on 31st October, i.e. giving you 8 weeks to write something. It's what we've been doing for the rounds so far. However, for some reason I got it into my head that actually I should be thinking about opening sign ups up next month before I realised that I would be a month too early ::g::

With that in mind, would people like a bit longer than 8 weeks to deliver their stories, or do they feel that 8 weeks is about right, given that we set the minimum at only 1,000 words?
Time for a poll, me thinks.

Poll #3341 Duration of ficathon period
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

How long a writing period would you prefer for the next round of the primevalathon

View Answers

one month (4 weeks or so)
1 (20.0%)

two months (8 weeks or so) - this is the current length
1 (20.0%)

three months (12 weeks or so)
2 (40.0%)

I don't care, I'm just here for the prawn
1 (20.0%)

wait... you run a ficathon?
0 (0.0%)

In conclusion:

View Answers

ticky box
2 (40.0%)

ticky box of dooooom
1 (20.0%)

puppies and rainbows for everyone!
1 (20.0%)

we welcome you as our new overlords
1 (20.0%)

Is anyone else melting in this weather? ::melts::
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If the prompt used wasn't listed in the headers of the story as we asked, I just listed all of the recipient's prompts.

Read more... )
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[personal profile] aithine is being written for by parsons -- [ Way To Go | Part One | Part Two ] (Nick/Stephen, NR)
[personal profile] alyse is being written for by [personal profile] beren_writes -- [ There's a First Time for Everything ] (Abby/Connor, NC-17)
[personal profile] beren_writes is being written for by [personal profile] alyse -- [ Connor Temple, Sex God | Part One | Part Two ] (Abby/Connor, Connor/Stephen, Abby/Connor/Stephen, NC-17)
[profile] burntace_skins is being written for by [personal profile] tseecka -- [ ] ()
[personal profile] canadian_jay is being written for by [personal profile] temaris -- [ Mirror Fall ] (Connor/Ryan, 18)
[personal profile] caroxxjane is being written for by [personal profile] aithine -- [ When the world is mud-luscious ] (Nick/Stephen, PG)
[profile] cheapxdate is being written for by [profile] chibi_kaz -- [ Veritas Vos Liberabit ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[profile] chibi_kaz is being written for by [profile] rodlox -- [ Lines | Part One | Part Two ] (Gen, M)
[profile] curia_regis is being written for by [profile] not_from_stars -- [ Four Times James Lester Didn't Hook Up With Abby Maitland ] (Abby/Lester, PG)
[personal profile] dominique012 is being written for by [profile] pink_flame_87 -- [ No Place Like Home ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[personal profile] kalliopeia is being written for by [personal profile] dominique012 -- [ Tall tales and Fever ] (Abby/Connor, G)
[profile] limpycsiwombat is being written for by [personal profile] kalliopeia -- [ This Imperfect Life ] (Gen, PG)
[profile] not_from_stars is being written for by [profile] woodstock12 -- [ Waiting Is The Hard Part ] (Abby/Stephen, PG13)
[profile] oystergrrl is being written for by [profile] vivien529 -- [ I Need Your Words ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
parsons is being written for by [profile] curia_regis -- [ the future is a foreign country (they do things differently here) ] (Stephen/Ryan, R)
[profile] pink_flame_87 is being written for by [personal profile] prehistoriccat -- [ Out of the Shade ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[personal profile] prehistoriccat is being written for by [profile] cheapxdate [pinch hit by [profile] curia_regis] -- [ Peaches and Love ] (Abby/Connor, G)
[profile] rodlox is being written for by [personal profile] canadian_jay -- [ One Side of the Anomaly ] (No pairings listed, PG)
[personal profile] temaris is being written for by [profile] limpycsiwombat -- [ Open Your Eyes ] (implied Abby/Connor, implied Claudia/Nick, PG13)
[personal profile] torigates is being written for by [profile] oystergrrl -- [ Questions ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[personal profile] tseecka is being written for by [profile] burntace_skins -- [ ] ()
[profile] vivien529 is being written for by [personal profile] torigates -- [ build a wall of books between us ] (Abby/Connor, R)
[profile] woodstock12 is being written for by [personal profile] caroxxjane -- [ Keeping Things Interesting ] (Gen, PG)


May. 5th, 2010 09:33 pm
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We're still waiting on the last four stories coming in, and I've chased the authors who are still outstanding and aimed my best school mistress frown in their general direction, but I wanted to let people know that we will be seeking pinch hitters for any stories that aren't posted by tomorrow night, so watch this space. No one will be left without a story. If you've ever been involved in previous ficathons we've run, you know we're rather tenacious about that ::g::

Also, I wanted to remind people that we will be posting orphan prompts after everyone has a story, i.e. the prompts that weren't used by the assigned author to write the story. They will be available to be used by anyone who is inspired, whether they signed up to this round of the ficathon or not. If you, as an author, haven't clearly indicated on your story which prompt you've used, we'll probably just include all three of your recipient's prompts on the list, so if you would prefer that not happen - or even if you'd like to make our lives a little easier ::g:: - please consider editing your story post to make which prompt you used clear to somewhat frazzled moderators (in other words, you might need to spell it out for us because we're occasionally a little slow on the uptake).

Thank you!

Once all stories are in, I'll be posting the masterlist to all three journalling sites (i.e. dreamwidth and insanejournal as well as livejournal). So watch those spaces as well :)
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Title: When the world is mud-luscious

Author: Aithine ([personal profile] aithine)

Recipient: Caroline ([ profile] caroxxjane)

Prompt: "Stephen/Nick, romance/humor, stuck in the Triassic period."

Pairing: Nick/Stephen

Rating: PG-ish

Summary: Some trips through an anomaly are less eventful than others.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing

Tick tock!

Apr. 29th, 2010 02:38 pm
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When posting your story to the community on Friday (only one day left!), please be sure to include the following information:

Pairing(s), if any

If you're posting directly to the community, please use cut tags.

Thanks! :)
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Reminder: Stories are due a week from today. Proceed to panic ::g::

If there's any doubt that you'll be able to post your story, you need to let us know that now. if you don't give us any warning and don't deliver on the day then unless you have a good reason for it you will be banned from participating next time. We're not unreasonable people, honest ::g:: but we won't be the only people you let down.

Also, if you're one of the wonderful souls who are prepared to step up to the plate if someone defaults, then please volunteer here giving some details of what you will (or won't) write and a way of contacting you. Comments are screened to maintain that air of mystery!

Thank you in advance!
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If you would like to offer your services as a volunteer beta reader (and we've already had our first request ::g::), please comment here with the following information:

- name
- means of contacting you and sending you the story (i.e. e-mail address)
- what you're willing to beta
- anything you're not willing to beta (characters, genres, pairings, any topics you're not comfortable with)
- optionally, you can also give some indication of where you think your strengths and weaknesses are (for example, you're really good with spelling, punctuation and grammar but couldn't spot a plot hole if it was gaping in front of you ::g::)
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Just a reminder to everyone that stories are due in a little over a month. If you can't deliver on your assignment, you need to let us know that now so that we can either check with your assigned writer to see if they can switch to writing for your recipient instead or, if that's not possible, arrange for a pinch hitter to write the story. That way your recipient won't be left without a story when the reveal happens on 30 April.

The deadline for dropping out without penalty is the 31 March. If you drop out after that date, at our discretion we may not permit you to participate in future ficathons we run. However, even if you realise after the 31st that you're not going to deliver, you need to let us know as soon as possible. The more notice you give, the more time someone else has to step in and write something instead of you, and there's nothing worse for a ficathon than the due date rolling around with no story from you and no advance notice that was going to happen.

We'll be doing the beta post and the pinch hit posts in due course, so watch this space.
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If you haven't received yours, please check your spam filter, then let us know with a comment here if you can't find it so we can resend.
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Sign ups are now open for the Spring 2010 Primeval Ficathon!

What's a ficathon )

How it works

We have a shiny sign up form, which will enable us to match authors to assignments on the basis of the information given. Some information on how to use the form to indicate which characters and/or pairing combinations you would like is provided here. (The default option in all cases will remain gen so if no one has offered to write the pairings you've requested, you'll be matched with someone who offered to write gen about one or more of your chosen characters.)

When sign ups close, you'll be mailed with your assignments.

When the big day arrives, you post your work either to the [community profile] primevalathon community or, if you're not based on livejournal/insanejournal, to another journal site or your webpage, letting us know the location so we can make a post to the community. Then [personal profile] aithine and I put together a master list of all stories.

Then we read ::g::

How long does the story need to be?

At least 1,000 words minimum. There is no maximum.

When does it have to be done by?

Sign ups are open until 28 February 2010. Matching will be done that weekend and assignments will be sent out by the 2nd March.

Stories are due on 30 April 2010. That means you'll have two months to write something.

What if I don't have a livejournal? What if I don't have a webpage?

The community exists on livejournal, insanejournal and dreamwidth, so you can simply post your story to the [community profile] primevalathon community on whichever journalling site you use. We'll be posting the masterlist in all places.

If you don't have a journal, you can still play. Just sign up as normal with your e-mail address and then, when the day of posting arrives, you can either send [personal profile] aithine or me the link to your work or comment with the information on one of the admin posts. As long as we know where the story is, it doesn't matter whether it's posted to livejournal/insanejournal/dreamwidth, the web or another journalling site. We'll make a post to the main community with your story details so that no one misses it.

If you genuinely don't have a place to post it, please let us know and we can arrange to host it on one of our websites and link it in the same way.

Any Other Questions? )

Cool. What do I need to do now?

Simply read the character/pairing guide and then go and sign up!


If you have any other questions, please just let [personal profile] aithine or I know, either here or via PM.

Anything else?

The best way to ensure that you have a better chance of getting everything you've asked for is to pimp the ficathon like a pimping thing that pimps ::g:: The more signups, the more likely it is that someone is itching to write what you've requested, and the more people you encourage to sign up who like the same things that you like, the more likely, again, it is that you'll get a good match.

So, go forth and pimp, my pretties ::g::
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Title: What My Lips Have Kissed
Author: alyse
Recipient: [profile] lsellersfic
Prompt: Prompt 3: Something inspired by Edna St. Vincent Millay's sonnet which starts "What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why".
Pairing: Jenny/Sarah
Rating: PG
Length: ~1,800 words
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own Primeval. Impossible Pictures do
Author's Notes: Pinch hit for [profile] lsellersfic. Sorry, you had to wait this long, hon.

Summary: Sarah sees her.

( What My Lips Have Kissed )
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[personal profile] aithine is being written for by [info]blktauna -- [ The Circle Closes ] (Nick/Stephen, G)
[personal profile] alyse is being written for by [profile] lazlo_darian [pinch hit by [personal profile] temaris] -- [ Gradatim ] (Abby/Connor, G)
Ashley is being written for by [profile] sunsets_dinos -- [ Long Way To Happy ] (Becker/Connor, Becker/m, 15)
[info]blktauna is being written for by Ashley [pinch hit by [personal profile] alyse] -- [ Pricking Thumbs ] (Helen/Nick, R)
[profile] cyberawr is being written for by [personal profile] dominique012 -- [ Confusing Lines ] (Jenny/Nick, G)
[profile] curia_regis is being written for by [personal profile] talliw [pinch hit by [personal profile] moonlettuce] -- [ Fracture ] (Jenny/Claudia, R)
[personal profile] dominique012 is being written for by [personal profile] alyse -- [ Prelude in C Minor | Part 1 | Part 2 ] (Abby/Connor, PG13)
[profile] gpr_ffn is being written for by [personal profile] temaris -- [ Return the Sun ] (implied Jenny/Nick (Claudia/Nick), G)
[profile] lazlo_darian is being written for by [profile] rodlox -- [ The Horseman Connor ] (Abby/Connor gen, Mature)
[profile] lsellersfic is being written for by [personal profile] tseecka -- [ And Yes, We Changed the World ] (Helen gen, 14)
-- [pinch hit by [personal profile] alyse] -- [ What My Lips Have Kissed ] (Jenny/Sarah, PG)
[personal profile] moonlettuce is being written for by [personal profile] aithine -- [ Jealousy Is That Pain ] (Nick/Stephen, PG)
[profile] rodlox is being written for by [profile] curia_regis -- [ For England ] (Lester/Christine Johnson, PG)
[profile] sunset_dinos is being written for by [profile] lsellersfic -- [ Merry Go Round ] (Becker/Helen, Helen/Nick, Jenny/Sarah, 16+)
[personal profile] talliw is being written for by [profile] gpr_ffn [pinch hit by [profile] rodlox] -- [ Helen and Lester and Nick ] (Helen/Lester/Nick, Mature)
[personal profile] temaris is being written for by [profile] cyberawr [pinch hit by [personal profile] alyse] -- [ Life Studies ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[personal profile] tseecka is being written for by [personal profile] moonlettuce -- [ The Madness of Butterflies ] (Nick/Stephen, PG13)
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