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As usual, if the author who wrote for the listed recipient didn't list which prompt(s) were filled (bad author, no biscuit!), I left all the prompts listed if I couldn't quickly figure it out from the story header info.

[ profile] and_i Philip-focused. "There is one thing alone that stands the brunt of life throughout its course: a quiet conscience."

[ profile] and_i "You people, with your green drinks and your parties and your subterfuges! You're all playing at love. One minute her, the next minute someone else, flit, flit, flit! We'll, I'm not playing. Love is not a game."

[ profile] destinyislands/[personal profile] destinyislands They knew they could get through anything so long as they had each other.

[ profile] destinyislands/[personal profile] destinyislands It was Jess' little quirks that Becker loved most about her.

[ profile] dominique012 "you're a real trooper", insomnia, butterflies

[ profile] dominique012 Damien Rice, mountains, fast cars

[ profile] estel_willow During Season 4: Becker has to find out where he stands in Abby and Connor's fracturing relationship. Before he was just a friend, and he always wanted more. Now it looks like he might get it, but at what cost? Can he save them from themselves and each other before they all lose everything?

[ profile] estel_willow Connor/Becker - Though England doesn't have anything like Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Becker's a leader. He's responsible. What happens when that bloody Connor Temple starts worming his way in through the cracks that keep everyone else at arm's length from the soldier? (Note: Abby and Connor's relationship could either be broken up or never have happened)

[ profile] heeroluva H/c brought on by disability please? Impotence, physical injury, loss of a sense, etc.

[ profile] heeroluva Someone has an issue with their gender identity or sexuality (or both).

[ profile] jooles34 For pairing one or two: "They never saw it coming

[ profile] jooles34 For pairing one or two: Something fun and angst free; verging on silly if you like. A rare day off together, but everything goes a bit Pete Tong.

[ profile] limpycsiwombat The adventures of Abby and Connor on the other side of the anomaly

[ profile] limpycsiwombat Matt finds out that the person Gideon is looking for is Connor Temple. At first Matt was okay with giving Connor over but after spending time with him, it seems harder. Will Matt continue with his mission or will friendship get in the way?

[ profile] limpycsiwombat Connor finds himself in the timeline of Claudia Brown and Cutter and Stephen are alive...but what else will happen?

[ profile] not_from_stars "Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise
I've realized one thing, how much I love you
And it hurts to see, see you cryin'
I believe we can make it through the winds of change" -- Kid Rock, Lonely Road Of Faith

[ profile] not_from_stars "At times I understand you
And I know how hard you've tried
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by" -- Dan Hill, Sometimes When We Touch

Robin Ianthe Matt tries to convince Emily to stay in his time.

Robin Ianthe Instead of Conner needing to move in with Abbey, Stephen finds himself in need of a place to stay. Several bits of awkwardness ensue as neither one is sure of how to deal with what they begin to feel for each other.

Sahara Rose Coffee

Sahara Rose Advice

[ profile] rodlox During his year in the Cretaceous, Connor comes across Emily, Ethan, and their merry band of travelers.

[ profile] rodlox For characters-pairings#2, anything you want to write, that has all of those selected characters in the same story.

[ profile] scoob2222 Abby and Connor dealing with the fallout of him not supporting her when she tried to save the animals in 4x03. Love something with Connor defending his right to his own opinion and Abby needing his support because she got so used to it when they were in the past

[ profile] smaragdbird I'd like some dark Ethan/Becker mirroring them to the Emily/Matt relationship we see on screen

[ profile] smaragdbird a follow up to 4x04 where Matt realises that he has formed attachments to his team (particularly Becker) and tries to come to terms with that (if you could include some Matt/Jess friendship that would also be great)

[ profile] taricha The team has to travel as consultants to another country, as the anomaly problem has continued to spread. They are not entirely welcome.

[ profile] taricha Some sort of creature incursion into a shopping mall/other public plae that isn't deadly so much as hilarious

[ profile] torigates I'm interested in the idea of Connor and Abby experiencing a certain amount of culture shock now that they're back in the present. They're obviously together on the show, and we've had hints of how they're adjusting to being back, but I'd like more of that. So anything from a scene of them at home (with Jess, or not!) or at work or just how they're making being a couple work for them. Basically anything!

[ profile] torigates I'd like to see a story that explores how the new ARC team got set up while Connor and Abby were gone. Where did Jess come from? What was she doing before? How did Becker take to the new people and new building? I love everyone on the show, so if you want to throw Matt or Lester into the mix as well I'm totally cool with that.

[ profile] wilde_shade Just watched the series 4 finale and I would dig some recovering Becker and justifiably stressed Matt having gentle sex (or just a make-out session) somewhere in or around the ARC. And, if it's not too much to ask... Lester and Jess enjoying this over the security camera footage would please me.

[ profile] wilde_shade Christine/Lester/Philip threesome? Yes. Must happen. Can be tame and just making out or heavy petting or what have you. Could also be straight-up porn... in which case I'm cool with double penetration and/or pegging... *cough*... just FYI

[ profile] woodstock12 food fight, the color red, dinning out

[ profile] woodstock12 Valentine's day, candles, camera

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