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[personal profile] alyse: I decided this year to go with picture prompts, just for a change. So:

(The picture is of white handprints on a slate blue background)

[personal profile] annariel/[ profile] lsellersfic: Wild adventure and romance through time. A breathless romp through multiple historical settings. I'm not quite sure how you'd set it up since Primeval rarely visits more recent history but it would be fun seeing the kind of pulpy-historical-adventure genre written across multiple settings with the anomalies used as an excuse.

[personal profile] annariel/[ profile] lsellersfic: Outsider POV: We see a story from the point of view of someone not involved in the central events and so the story doesn't explicitly state all the details of events. Possibly we can work out what is going on because we know the set up but the outsider never does, or possibly they are just interested in something different than the normal thrust of a Primeval story. It would be fun to see this in epistolatory or diary format. This would probably also work with Christine as the POV character, she knows what is going on but isn't really interested in the details of what is happening to the ARC team, only how it serves her ends.

[ profile] deinonychus_1: Action/adventure with creature peril. Connor saves the day and/or does something heroic (especially if it involves him using his brains to figure out how to resolve the situation rather than them just shooting everything, although I am also rather partial to the 'improvised weapons'/bits of two-by-four approach).

[ profile] deinonychus_1: Angsty hurt/comfort where Connor is *really* seriously injured or ill, and for whatever reason they can't get to medical help and they have to improvise. I'd especialy like this one if it's one of the pairing options and it's just the two of them stuck together, but I'm also happy for it to be a team gen story.

[ profile] dominique012: stuck indoors, mountainside, anticipation, lightning

[ profile] dominique012: favourite coffee shop, long journey, kiss, fear

[ profile] evenstar_estel: - Connor and Abby, new relationship
- A romantic weekened away together
- Trouble finds them anyways
- Happy (and maybe smutty) ending

[ profile] evenstar_estel: - Future!Abby comes back and confronts her present day self
- Before disappearing Future!Abby warns Present!Abby about upcoming danger in order to save Connor's life
- Abby prevents Connor's death and realizes how much she loves him
- Happy ending where they finally get together

[ profile] heeroluva: Instead of Claudia disappearing at the end of Season One it was Stephen. How does Nick get him back?

[ profile] heeroluva: After months (years?) of a casual, no strings attached relationship, Nick finally works up the nerve to ask Stephen to stay the night rather than watch the man walk away again.

[ profile] jooles34: It was one of those days that started so normally, but then...

[ profile] jooles34: Food/dinner

[ profile] misura: Let's face it: Lester and Christine have got some awesome chemistry on-screen, if you like that whole 'my dear enemy' thing they've got going on. Plus, I'm sure they have some interesting history between the two of them, which I'd love to read more about.
Actually romantically linking these two is your call; gen would be just as welcome, provided there's mind-games and backhanded compliments and that sort of stuff.

[ profile] misura: This is mostly a request for Nick and Claudia to hook up with a little bit of help from their friends or colleagues, although, of course, you may want to leave out either character and go for another combination entirely.
The theme I'd like to see here though is that of two people fancying each other, but needing a third one to actually get to the part where they hook up. (The sign-up form doesn't really allow for this, but yes, you can go het, slash or threesome/moresome with this one.)

[ profile] prehistoriccat: Something angsty, preferably Connor, based on the song "Hello" by Evanescence ( ) or "ghost of love" by The Rasmus ( )

[ profile] prehistoriccat: Team training camp

[ profile] reni7681: Include: Connor:"Look Abby, this guy over there looks JUST like the Doctor!" Abby:"What Doctor?" Connor:"THE Doctor!" "Who??" Connor smiles "Exactly!" Abby:"WHAT the hell are you talking about?"

[ profile] torigates: I'd like to know what happens after the season 3 finale. Do they make it back, or do they have to spend time on the other side of the anomaly? How do they get back? What does being forced to spend all that time together do for their relationship?

[ profile] torigates: I really like to read stories where couples fight over serious (or not so serious) issues, and then wind up making out because they're just so frustrated with each other. I think Connor and Abby have a lot of that frustration going on, so it would be fun to see that explored.

[ profile] facing_the_wind: Anything written with this song as its inspiration!

[ profile] facing_the_wind: Something immediately after 'the truth about Caroline' comes out. In fact, if you wanted to throw Caroline in there, I'd be okay with this.

[ profile] woodstock12: Birthday, Moring After, Dinosaurs

[ profile] woodstock12: Running from raptors, one is injured and the only place found for protection is an old tree house. The characters stay in the tree house over night because of the raptors.


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